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Ari Harow


Sheyaan Consulting

Dynamic founder and CEO of Sheyaan Consulting, Ari Harow, is an instantly recognizable name in the global political arena. Ari has worked both in the public and the private sector: as Chief of Staff and Campaign Director for Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and at the head of Sheyaan Consulting, working across the globe to deliver high impact political campaign advice and strategy.

Early Years

Born in Los Angeles, Ari moved to Israel with his family at the age of 12. He completed his high school and military service in Israel, serving in the Golani Brigade infantry unit. Upon completion of his military service, he returned to the United States to embark on his tertiary education. Ari studied at City University of New York, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, before returning to Tel Aviv to earn his MA in Political Science from Tel Aviv University.

Public Sector Career

During his time in New York, Harow honed his skills as the head of American Friends of Likud, a non-profit educational organization. He was recruited by Benjamin Netanyahu as Foreign Affairs advisor before being appointed as Bureau Chief to the Prime Minister. He was a key member of the advisory team for Netanyahu during this time.After a few years in the private sector, Ari returned to public service to serve as Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Netanyahu and then as Campaign Director for Netanyahu’s successful 2015 election campaign. The campaign drew media attention from around the world, and Ari was lauded for his innovative use of digital media and technology to reach the electorate, combined with effective overall strategy. 

Private Sector Career

Ari has particular expertise in grass roots campaigns, empowering entire sectors to take action. As founder of 3H Global, and more recently Sheyaan Consulting, he heads up a team of experts working with politicians and leaders around the world. One of his most notable successes was the election campaign which brought President Horatio Cartes to power in Paraguay. This campaign focused on a well-constructed and clear policy framework, covering key areas including education, health, infrastructure and transport. This was turned into a ‘100 Day Plan’ which was put into place immediately following Cartes’ election to office. The plan delivered tangible achievements, making good on campaign promises in a sustainable way, solidifying support for Cartes and his new administration.

Ari Harow’s Ongoing Innovation

As founder of Sheyaan Consulting, Ari continues to work with politicians, leaders and communities across the world, to help shape policies and administrations, ensuring lasting economic and political growth and stability. He is committed to working towards meaningful change, further utilizing grass roots strategy and the development of digital media as an effective political campaigning tool.Ari Harow and Sheyaan Consulting are based in Israel. 

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Ari Harow
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